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Truck & Bus Repairs

Diesel Repair & Service

At Livingstone Trucks, our team of 4 qualified and skilled diesel mechanics repair and service your vehicle to the highest of standards. Our workshop is equipped with the latest tools and equipment to get your vehicle running like new and on the road in no time.  If you have any further questions in regards to our mechanical services, or would like to book your truck or bus into our workshop, contact us today!

Logbook Service 

Are you in need of someone to provide you with regular servicing for your truck or bus? Are you wanting to maintain your manufacturer warranty? Bring your vehicle into Livingstone Trucks for a thorough and quality service you can trust. Our quality assured, quarterly maintenance and safety program are available for any truck or bus. If you have any questions regarding our logbook services or would like to book your truck or bus in with our trusted mechanics,  contact us today!

Road Worthy & Annual Bus Inspections

If you are looking to purchase a used vehicle, sell or even re-register a vehicle, then it is essential in Victoria that you attain a Roadworthy Certificate to ensure that the vehicle you are purchasing is road worthy. We can also complete all requirements for Annual Bus Inspections as required by Transport Safety Victoria. At Livingstone Trucks we are licensed and qualified to inspect and service your truck or bus to meet roadworthy standards and ensure that you get your vehicle on the road safely. If you would like to find out more information regarding our roadworthy certificates,  contact us today!

Fleet work

At Livingstone Trucks we offer servicing and repairs on all fleet trucks of any make and model. Our team understands the importance that each and every truck is serviced, repaired and maintained to ensure the smooth running of your business, that is why we offer a quick turnaround on all fleet vehicles, while still maintaining a high level of workmanship, to get your fleet on the road in no time. To find out more about our fleet services, or to book your fleet in with our trusted mechanics,  contact us today!

Brake & Clutch Repair 

We have a state of the art Brake Roller Tester onsite. 
Our mechanics are skilled and highly competent in the repair and replacement of heavy vehicle brakes and clutch. Don't put your safety or the safety of your passengers at risk, bring your vehicle into our workshop and let our technicians do the work for you. By utilising quality parts and components, our team can service, repair and maintain your vehicles brakes and clutch to get them functioning like new again. If you would like to find out more about our brake and clutch service,  contact us today.

Suspension & Steering

At Livingstone Trucks we can repair or replace your steering and suspension components professionally and efficiently. Overtime these components can wear and impact the handling of your vehicle, which in turn can lead to a dangerous and perhaps hazardous driving experience. If your truck is not steering smoothly, or riding harshly over bumps on the road, then you might be in need of a well-deserved suspension and steering assessment to make sure your vehicles suspension and steering is responding as should. To book your truck or bus into our workshop, contact us today!

Transmission Repair & Service

Your transmission plays a major role in the functionality of your truck or bus. If you transmission is damaged or not functioning as should, then you might be driving a potentially dangerous vehicle. Our mechanics are specialised in transmissions for all makes and models of trucks and buses, catering for a variety of clients. To get your transmission assessed or repaired,  contact our friendly team today!

Electrical Diagnostics

Our qualified technicians have the skills and latest electrical diagnostic tools to perform auto electrical repairs on all makes and models of vehicles. From a complex wiring issue, to a simple globe replacement, you can trust in our mechanics to get your truck or bus functioning as should in no time. To find out more information on our auto electrical services, contact us today!